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I have been sole owner of All Seasons Fence Company in New Haven, CT since its inception on April 4, 1984. I have actually been in the fence industry for the better part of 40 years. First starting as an installer and gradually becoming Sales and then Partner in a family owned fence company. I left to start my own business in 1984 (as previously stated). I am well versed in every facet of my profession. I believe myself to be a completely honest person and I am well respected in my community and among my peers in the fencing industry. My accomplishments pertaining to industrial, commercial, and residential fencing as much to numerous to mention after 40 years. I'm sure I can help you and give you the personal attention that you deserve for all your fencing needs.

Thank you,

Roland Dippold
The All Seasons Fence Company
New Haven, CT

Main Phone/Fax: 203-469-5396

Cell: 203-627-3453

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